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HL Environmental Services LLC, a Native American Socio-Economic Disadvantaged Small Business, is teamed with Steel Unlimited, a leading steel manufacturer to produce their Combat Vehicle Training System consisting of a variety of live-fire range targetry. The team at H&L has over 13 years’ experience providing range targetry, consisting of stationary armor and infantry style targets that meet training requirements for both Aerial and Ground engagements conducted by our military warfighters.

All targets are manufactured in support of the Government steel target procurements and are custom manufactured from 1/2” to 1” thickness, utilizing A36 steel or AR500 ballistic steel plate construction. Targets are 100% recyclable, self-supporting, and produce a full-size three-dimensional design consistent with military training protocols.

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Benefits of the Combat Vehicle Training System:

  • Cost-effectiveness, durability, and environmental superiority when compared to the use of surplus military vehicle hulks as range targetry.
  • Full compliance with Joint Military Services armor and infantry target specifications.
  • Full integration with air-to-ground protocols such as Close Air Support (CAS) and Rotary Wing attacks.
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Combat Vehicle Training Services
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  • An open-air design design facilitates quick inspection by Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) or range operations personnel during use and ensures complete recyclability – no confined spaces that can conceal ordnance and munitions.
  • Design specifications allows explosive/gas venting through the “Open-Air” configuration further enhancing the survivability of the target - no over pressure damage.
  • No environmental contamination or legacy cleanup after target expenditure; does not contain fuels, oils, or other environmental hazards - little or no debris to clean up after target expenditure, other than recyclable material.

The Eye-Square view (Silhouette) is a major factor in target recognition and acquisition. Silhouettes that do not provide the proper details from a distance may have ambiguous interpretations. By maintaining the integrity of the true silhouette of a target, the success rate of recognition and thereby target acquisition is drastically improved. The speed and accuracy of visual recognition and engagement decision making is improved allowing for images to be more readily classified as high-confidence “foe” or high-confidence “friend”, thereby further enhancing training scenarios.

Since 2007 our team has fabricated 766 full-scale targets without a single failure.

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