We are an internationally recognized leader in environmental and humanitarian services because we focus on three tiers of service and excellence: Safety, Quality, and Protection of the Environment.

HL Environmental UXO Remediation Services

These three tiers make up HL’s business culture and serve as our ethical compass to direct our commitment to always provide excellent service. The health, welfare, and morale of our staff and safety of our personnel, customers, and team partners is our number one concern and embodied in our First Corporate Culture Tier:

UXO Clearance

“Safety-First”. All projects are guided by an approved Site-Specific Safety Plan (SSHP), Accident Prevention Plan (APP), and Activity Hazard Analysis (AHA) developed by certified safety professionals with qualified safety officers on site to ensure compliance. Customer satisfaction and quality of our work is supportive of our Safety-First Culture and is the foundation of our Second Corporate Culture Tier:

“Honor Your Work”. We incorporate quality management and oversight into all phases of work from startup / throughout operations / to final closeout of a project. Our projects are monitored by qualified quality assurance officers to ensure conformance to standards and compliance with approved Work Plans (WP) and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). Protection of the Environment is the focus of our Third Corporate Culture Tier;

Environmental remediation services
staff augmentation services

“Own Your Work”. All work performed on project sites is guided by processes that monitor our work, measure our impact, and control waste generation. Each site is guided by an Environmental Management System (EMS) designed for specific conditions, site controls, and monitoring techniques.