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At HL Environmental Services LLC, a Native American Socio-Economic Disadvantaged Small Business, we are focused on providing safe, efficient, and professional UXO services to government and commercial partners. We can quickly mobilize UXO personnel to provide avoidance and construction support services for clients throughout the US and on every DoD property and US Military installation. HL has provided MMRP support for a broad range of activities including environmental drilling, groundwater well installation, soil and sediment sampling, infrastructure demolition, landfill removal, excavation, grading, and Phase I Site Inspection. HL’s expertise in UXO Avoidance and CSS is best demonstrated by our safety record – one of the best in the industry.

To ensure the safety of non-EOD or UXO qualified personnel working on lands and waterways where UXO contamination exposes personnel and equipment to UXO hazards, HL develops and implements control and mitigation processes and procedures through Installation Safety Officer approved Site Safety and Health Plans (SSHPs), Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and Accident Prevention Plans (APPs) followed by comprehensive safety oversight with fully trained and experienced UXO personnel on-site with all required equipment, tools, and materials to meet EM 200-1-15 and OP5 requirements. Our EOD/UXO Technicians on-site closely coordinate with the client and installation authorities to allow our partners to safely and efficiently complete their projects on time and within budgets. Daily UXO safety briefings provide information to on-site personnel concerning UXO hazards and to follow the Three Rs: Recognize, Retreat, and Report when encountering UXO.

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HL provides construction support for:

  • Horizontal construction; including roads, fence installation, and parking areas.
  • Excavation for vertical construction.
  • Biological, cultural, and archaeological surveys.
  • Installation of underground utilities.
  • Trenching, drilling, and any underground investigation

HL provides anomaly avoidance support for:

  • Surface – UXO personnel escort non-UXO qualified personnel working and traveling within UXO hazards areas to allow for operations to continue without contact with explosive hazards impeding safe and efficient work.
  • Subsurface – UXO personnel using detection equipment conduct survey and scanning of areas to mark subsurface anomalies potentially representing explosive hazards in order for work crews to perform operations and avoid contact with buried hazards.

HL provides intrusive activities for:

  • In low probability areas, UXO support personnel are on hand to observe intrusive activities. If munitions are encountered, work stops until the munitions hazard is cleared.
  • In medium‐to‐high probability area, construction support is performed by clearing to appropriate depths prior to construction.

HL maintains all required licenses, permits, and insurance policies to support customers and partners throughout the USA and US Military installations worldwide. HL provides UXO support services worldwide, working as prime or subcontractor. Recent experience includes APG and Edgewood MD; Fort Pierce, GA; Joint Base Lakehurst/Dix, NJ; FBI National Academy, VA; Anderson AFB Guam.

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