MEC Survey and

Ordnance removal services for the risk assessment and clearance of Munitions and Explosives of Concern (MEC) on former and active military ranges.

Operational Range Sustainment

Remediation of environmental contamination and safety hazards associated with unexploded ordnance resulting from the use of munitions on military ranges.


HL maintains an extensive database of UXO technicians and is capable of staffing a project within 48 to 72 hours.

Live-Fire Range

The Combat Vehicle Training System (CVTS) consists of stationary armor and infantry targets that meet requirements for both Aerial and Ground engagements.

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MEC Survey and Clearance

HL maintains an extensive staffing database of qualified and experienced DDESB certified EOD subject matter experts and UXO technicians to conduct UXO programs and services.

Remediation Services
Construction Support
Operational Range Clearance
Digital Geophysics Collection
FUDS/BRAC Remediation IAW with CERCLA

UXO Support Services

HL offers additional support services, products, and training for the Environmental Remediation industry.

Independent 3rd Party QA
Live-Fire Range Targetry
Demilitarization of old Range Targets
MPPEH Management and Disposal
UXO Training and Awareness
EOD Equipment


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